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YouTube is the official app of the biggest and most popular video hosting website in the world, home to millions and millions of videos, where hundreds of millions of new video clips are uploaded every day.

From the official app, you can quickly access all of the daily featured videos, as well as quickly search for videos that interest you; all while using an interface that is perfectly adapted for touch screens, which also includes added shortcuts applied by using simple movements of your fingertips.

One of the most appealing features of the YouTube app is that it allows you to play videos in the background. That means that you can listen to a song, for example, while doing something else on your device. Plus, you can close out of any video by simply swiping your finger across the screen.

Other interesting features of the official app from YouTube are that you can send videos from your Android to your television via a Chromecast device, and you can even complete voice searches directly from the app.

YouTube for Android is an extremely useful app for anyone who ever watches YouTube videos as it is much more convenient to access the app than the browser. As a matter of fact, YouTube is an app that is recommended for practically any Android device user.
YouTube adds quick rewind and fast-forward gestures in latest app update

Moving freely through YouTube videos on its smartphone app could be easier, to be honest. While an option was added a while ago to let you select an exact place in the video, it doesn't always work that well. Luckily the latest app update has kept us poor users in mind and added gesture controls to easily fast-forward or rewind through the clip.
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Google's Android VR headset goes by the name of Daydream

Virtual reality isn't the "next best thing in tech." It's already alive and kicking among us. In fact, Google has prepared a whole arsenal of native and third-party apps to hail the upcoming entrance of Daydream their new VR system which (for now) is only available and compatible with Android 7 and other compatible devices like Pixel. This group of apps was designed to work with their own VR headsets (essentially a deluxe version of Google Cardboard) along with a remote control with gyroscopic sensors allowing users to comfortably move around within their virtual experiences.
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YouTube now allows upload and playback of HDR videos

People have been talking about HDR videos for a while now as if they were the Next Big Thing. The gradual change from the now-common Full HD to UHD (Ultra HD) is moving along slowly but steadily and one of the big reasons for the swap is to allow the viewing of HDR videos. Before moving ahead with this alphabet soup let's clarify that HDR means high dynamic range and the image improvement it bestows is significant. There's still a ways to go before this format really catches on but YouTube – always one step ahead – now allows the use of HDR.
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