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The official YouTube application is here


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YouTube is the official application from the Internet's number one video portal, thanks to which you can see all of your favorite videos from a specially-designed interface on your iOS device.

Enjoy the site's extensive video catalog from the palm of your hand, playing everything from home videos to official music videos from some of the world's hottest bands.

You have two options to search for videos; you can type in your query or speak it into the iPhone's microphone.

You can also vote on videos, read and leave comments, and enable subtitles from the application - in other words, practically any activity you would normally do on the web browser version of YouTube, including sharing any video through Google , Facebook, or Twitter.

YouTube is a priceless app for registered YouTube users who are actively uploading videos, leaving comments and votes and otherwise taking part in the video portal's active community.
YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are coming May 22

Google just announced some important changes for its video platform with the arrival of two new paid services that will add exclusive features to the platform. YouTube Red will now be called YouTube Premium, while the variant focused on music will be called YouTube Music. We already know which countries will have it available and how much it will cost in each one.
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YouTube is launching Reels, their own version of Stories

It seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the Stories feature that was created by Snapchat and popularized internationally by Instagram. YouTube is now joining the party, with their own version now in beta. They're calling this new video format Reels, and one characteristic has been strategically omitted: the videos don't expire.
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Now any YouTube user can broadcast live video

Till now, only YouTube accounts that had more than 1,000 subscribers could broadcast live videos. Plus, this number increased to 10,000 along if you were monetizing your channel. Luckily, they've backed down on that and from now on any user can do live broadcasts with no restrictions on the number of followers.
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